MOND-171 Longing Brother And Daughter-in-law And Sumire Mihara


Brother’s violets that have been brought to marry was a kindly woman calm. I was love at first sight with her. A dozen years since then, I have spent up to now while embracing the secret I think to elder brother’s wife Sumire’s. Such a few months ago I to the turning point came. It was supposed to be sponger to his brother home on account of work. Already the children of Annika is Suda’, brother and his wife gave me kindly welcomed me. When we arrived in the night shift at the end house Sumire’s troubled up of breathing. So, she was comforted one person lonely. I you’ve seen the embarrassing appearance of violet-san will impatient, went to his room to flee referred to as the I’m sorry. Then Mr. violet came shyly to my room. So as to block the Ano … and violets who tried to open the mouth I confessed that I liked from long ago to hit the thought of until now. Each other staring, after a long silence, Mr. violet grasps my hand, I nodded. Servants for granted as embraced, kissed, was overlaid the body ….