CAWD-016 19 Years Old And Handjob Genius! More Than 500 Experienced People Chi

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CAWD-016 She’s 19 Years Old And Already A Handjob Genius! She’s Already Had Over 500 Sexual Partners Her Love For Cocks Just Won’t Stop We Put Out A Call On The Internet, And Now She’s Making Her Creampie Debut The culmination of one and a half years of Prestige exclusive actress Fumiho Fujie is here. It is eroticism that bloomed gradually while having the novelty like a miracle. The pure beautiful girl who continued to be pure is exposed everything in the retirement work. “Holo-intoxicated sex” is intertwined with the taste of favorite wine. Cosplay sex is a combination of saliva and instinctively seeking each other. “Last Sex” is turbulent while touching the trajectory up to now. It is one and a half years that it chose to be an AV actress while being a usual OFFICE. ‘Unfinished eroticism’ of ‘Fujie Fumiho’ called, this is definitely her masterpiece in the retired work!

Release Date:Sept. 21, 2019
Runtime:119min.  (HD: 119min.)

Content ID:cawd00016

プレステージ専属女優『藤江 史帆』1年半の集大成がここに。奇跡のような初々しさを持ちながら、徐々に開花させていったエロさ。純生(ピュア)であり続けた清純美少女が引退作品で全てをさらけ出す。大好きなワインを嗜んで絡み合う「ホロ酔いセックス」。唾液を交わしながら本能のまま求め合う「コスプレセックス」。今までの軌跡に触れながら乱れ狂う「ラストセックス」。普通のOLでありながらAV女優としていることを選択した1年半。‘未完成のエロさ’と呼ばれた「藤江 史帆」の、間違いなくこれが引退作品にてして彼女の最高傑作!