200GANA-2153 Soft skin beauty milk of national treasure class hidden in the back of the girly clothes


200GANA-2153 Night of one day. I visited the house of senior a sudden invitation. One person unknown women and seniors that called me in there. Mr. “Aone” that she is senior was wrecked. In short, it is woman of seniors. As you chillin with a casual conversation with three people, seniors to leave the house and “because urgent business could be me waiting with two people”. Women and suddenly two people Kkiri just met a while ago. Bad air feel feel to each other. I explore the topic desperately trying to Moriageyo the conversation even a little. Is good-natured her guess the feelings of such a me, me enjoying the conversation brave. It was not to consciousness because it is woman of seniors, but quite cute. Skin is also white, legs slender. Not much body type is highlighted in girly clothes but must beautiful. Even while feeling a sense of immorality had imagined her naked I, can not be suppressed, but she was to show her had touched the body … confused facial expression, already by touching the beautiful her skin I that self-control had become ineffective. Space here is only two people unquestionably. Seniors of the room, talk had senior woman and doing ….